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Presale Event 3/4

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Odin Defi Protocol


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The One-Stop DEX

$ODIN DeFi protocol is here! Odin is a decentralized entity powered by the Elrond technology, which is fast, secure, and has low fees. 

Our goal: we want to build multiple products to enhance the utility of our token and profits made from those products will be distributed to the $ODIN holders. Our first product is a DEX where you can buy and sell assets, stake, farm liquidity, get airdrops, and new project launches on the Elrond network.

NFT staking, a new unique staking system exclusive to the Odin DEX, you will be able to earn rewards by staking your NFTs.

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Website Launch ✔️

Project website goes live

Litepaper Release ✔️

The litepaper will contain tokenomics details, token use cases, platform features, and other details on an easy-to-read document.

Testnet  DApp Release ✔️

Our Defi dapp will be released on the test net to be tested by real users to get feedback for improvement.

Staking ✔️

$ODIN Holders will be able to stake and provide liquidity to earn more $ODIN.

Odin DEX 1.0 ✔️

Version 1.0 will be live

Betfrost first betting game ✔️

The first Betfrost casino game will be released

NFT Collection Release

Odin utility NFT collection will be released for purchasing and airdrop to top token holders

Presale Event (2/4)

$ODIN presale event will take place and investors will be able to buy tokens for a discounted price.

NFT Market

Odin's NFT marketplace, you will be able to buy and sell your NFTs from different chains, more details will be released before launch.

Whitepaper Release

Full whitepaper release, this document will contain detailed information about the project and goals.

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Why Odin?

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Fee rewards

Currently, on other DEXes, almost all fees paid on an exchange go to the project creators, Odin wants to change that by distributing most of the fees collected on the exchange to $ODIN holders.


What's the staking APR?

The starting APR is 50% and it will increase 1%/day up to 150%. This way the strongest holders get the highest rewards. If the staked funds get withdrawn the APR resets to 50%.

What other benefits does staking have?

Fees get collected when users buy and sell tokens, participate in the lottery, and betting on our exchange, up to 80% of these fees will be distributed to stakers.
Stakers will also have a preference on the ICOs made in the Odin exchange.

Is there a lock period?

The unlock period for the staked $ODIN will be 10 days.

How are the staking rewards funded?

The staking rewards will be funded by more tokens released to those staking and from fees collected, for those staking, $ODIN will be deflationary through burning mechanisms.

Where to stake Odin?

You can stake your Odin in our DEX, any other site that's not announced officially must be considered a scam until confirmation by the team.

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Founder of multiple successful eCommerce businesses. Alastair's field of expertise is business growth, marketing, and social media engagement.



Full-stack web developer with over 15 years of experience. Has extensive knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, CSS3, HTML5, Web3, C++, SQL server, and MySQL.



Graphic designer, worked at one of the top mobile games brands for over 2 years. Has good insight on mobile apps and games development.



Has worked previously on a successful crypto project, has experience on smart contracts and DApp development.



Strategic partners that will help speed up Odin's development.
A team of experienced react devs that have previously worked on multiple succesful crypto projects and DApps.

Mohit & Co.

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